Turning Your Extensive Expertise Into Endless Growth and Financial Freedom

Welcome to ASN Leads, where your vast experience and ambition converge with our cutting-edge automation solutions.

We specialise in transforming your unique skills and knowledge into a thriving, fully automated online business that not only reaches but captivates your ideal clients.

Why Choose ASN Leads?

  • Expertise to Independence: Tailored for seasoned professionals like creative directors, sales experts, and coaches transitioning to independence. We understand your journey and have the blueprint for your success.

  • Growth Simplified: Our proven frameworks and dedicated automation software are designed to scale your business effortlessly. Focus on what you do best, and let our technology handle the growth.

  • Consistent Acquisition & Retention: Our ecosystem of strategies is designed to help you attract the right prospects and converting them into high-value clients. Our focus is not just on attracting leads but on nurturing lasting relationships for consistent business growth.

  • Brand Strength: With our support, your business will not just be another name online. We help you build a powerful brand that resonates with your audience, establishing you as a leader in your field.

  • Our Promise: A partnership with us means you're set to navigate the complexities of building, growing, and scaling an online business with ease. With our support, you'll witness a seamless transformation of your expertise into a profitable, automated business that thrives on freedom, innovation, and consistent client satisfaction.


How We Help You Build a Business That Generates Recurring Revenue


This is the first step towards building a meaningful business. Our approach helps you understand your motivations and challenges, fostering a deep connection with your clients by aligning your business with your core values.


Develop a scalable and efficient business model with our strategic guidance. We focus on creating targeted solutions that attract and retain your ideal clients, ensuring your business stands out and grows sustainably.


Use technology to streamline your business operations. From automating routine tasks to providing a seamless client experience, our platform supports your growth, allowing you to focus on what matters most.


At the heart of ASN Leads, we believe in the power of empathy—not just as a tool for understanding others but as a foundational principle for our clients' personal and professional growth.

We start by guiding you through a journey of self-empathy, encouraging you to recognise and value your own needs, aspirations, and challenges.

This self-awareness is crucial for entrepreneurs with a purpose beyond profit, who are dedicated to making a meaningful impact in their clients' lives.

By fostering empathy for yourself, you're better equipped to extend that understanding and compassion towards your ideal clients.

This deep, empathetic connection forms the bedrock of a business that's not only successful but also sincerely dedicated to serving others.

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Cultivate a deeper understanding of your own motivations and challenges, leading to clearer business objectives.

  • Authentic Connection: Forge stronger relationships with clients by genuinely understanding and addressing their needs.

  • Increased Resilience: Develop the emotional intelligence to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with grace.

  • Purpose-Driven Business: Align your business practices with your values and the greater good you wish to serve, increasing fulfillment.

  • Better Client Targeting: By understanding yourself, you're better positioned to identify and connect with your ideal clients.


Our strategic focus is all about building a solid foundation tailored to your business's growth and scalability.

We streamline your service offerings to ensure they're both scalable and efficient, making your expertise more accessible.

Alongside, we develop a suite of digital products to diversify your revenue and broaden your impact.

Central to our strategy are conversion-focused lead magnets, crafted to attract and convert your ideal clients—those who need your services the most and are ready to invest in them.

With ASN Leads, strategy isn't just planning; it's about creating a clear path to success, ensuring your business not only grows but thrives in alignment with your vision and values.

Embrace a strategy that scales with you, ensuring your business’s longevity and relevance.

  • Scalable Growth: Create a business model that grows with you, allowing for expansion without compromising quality.

  • Revenue Diversification: Introduce digital products that complement your services, opening additional streams of income.

  • Targeted Lead Generation: Attract clients who are not only interested but ready to invest in your solutions.

  • Market Differentiation: Stand out in a crowded market by offering unique, problem-focused solutions.

  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Focus your efforts on strategies that yield the highest return on investment.


The final piece of the puzzle is technology, where ASN Leads truly shines.

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate every aspect of your business under one roof.

From consolidating inbound messages from multiple channels into a single, manageable inbox to automating payment processes and nurturing leads, we've got you covered.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures that you're always connected with your audience, even as you focus on delivering your expertise.

With ASN Leads, you get more than just automation; you get a partner in building an impactful, financially sustainable business that thrives on efficiency and excellence.

Say goodbye to the days of being overwhelmed by operational tasks. Welcome to a future where your business not only creates an impact but also works tirelessly for you, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—making a difference.

  • Streamlined Operations: Automate routine tasks, from client communications to payments, freeing you to focus on core business activities.

  • Enhanced Client Experience: Provide a seamless interaction experience for your clients across various platforms.

  • Real-Time Insights: Gain immediate feedback on business performance, enabling agile adjustments to strategies.

  • Reduced Overhead Costs: Automate processes to minimise the need for additional staff or resources as your business grows.

  • 24/7 Business Presence: Ensure your business is always "on," even when you're not, with automated systems handling inquiries and transactions.

5-Star Feedback From Our Clients

Kase helped me to clarify what service I wanted to deliver to people and to believe that my service is worth more than what I believed it to be worth. He helped me to focus my sights too. Kase inspired me with his work that I have seen, with his words and his passion for what he is doing to help people like myself with believing in what they want to do and to achieve it, with help from him. For that, I thank him.

- Sharon Gordon

IT Training Consultant

Kase's approach is practical and relevant and his knowledge and advice are on point. I've been overwhelmed with how he has really taken the time to get to know and understand my passions and goals. This is no 'off the shelf' offer, it feels very personal to me and my intentions and it is very refreshing. I'm looking forward to working with Kase over the coming months, and excited to see how my business will grow in the direction best suited for both me and my clients.

- Karen Cruise

Founder | Flourished Minds CIC

We needed help with marketing and implementation of automated processes in order for us to focus on our core work. Kase was great help! He really opened our eyes to what we should be doing and ways that we can punch above our weight. Really inspiring and empowering. We always leave our conversations with Kase raring to go and with a clearer understating of what we need to do.

- Owen Phillips-Walmsley

Co-Founder | We Are Oat Design Studio

Work with Kase has helped me decide on which of the incoming leads that I have are going into the no for now, pile, or no forever and that's really helped me get clear and get more comfortable with who I am looking to work with as well. You really get to go deep on what you do, why you do it, and, essentially, what it is that makes you do what you do in a way that's different to all your competitors.

- Trish Lechman

Personal Branding Consultant

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